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Club Car Commercial Vehicles


Bed Attachment System

Better fuel efficiency,

more horsepower.

The industry's best warranty.

Best-in-class ergonomics.

 Designed with tools in mind, this easy-to-use system of holders and dividers makes loading your tools safely a problem of the past. The perfect addition for anyone tackling a variety of jobs, from landscaping to construction and much more.

Our electronic fuel injection engines provide better support no matter if you're hauling a group of eight people or a half-ton of equipment. This means it's a smoother ride for your guests, more durable for your workforce, and easier on your bottom line.

We stand behind the quality of our products, providing you confidence in your investment. Our choice of parts in each component of every vehicle goes through rigorous testing, and our dedicated team is ready to assist should you have any issues.

Our designs come with you in mind, making UTV operation more fluid throughout the day. From better leg room to all controls placed easily within reach of the driver, these vehicles boast a more automotive feel to create easier and more comfortable experiences everytime you drive.

Transport Vehicles.

When you need to move people, nothing gets the job done better than transport commercial vehicles from Club Car.


Our classic Villager series carry up to eight passengers, and come available in a variety of available configuratons. Use them for campus tours, as resort or airport shuttles, and for special events at other locations.


The Transporter is made for both crews and cargo, with an available fold-down rear seat to carry up to 300 lbs. of gear.


Both our Villager and Transporter models come with rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frames, and boast independent front suspension systems for a smoother, more comfortable ride.


Villager 4

Villager 6

Flexible transport vehicles are designed to carry four to six passengers and additional cargo anywhere you need it.

Available in gas or electric, this is your go-to ride when smaller is better by snaking through any narrow path.

Need a larger people mover? Choose the flexible and more powerful Villager 6, with an optional fold-down rear seat

Villager 8

Impress with our "little limo." Comfort, style, and reliability resorts and venues need, carrying up to 8 people.

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Utility 4x2 Vehicles.

Competitive vehicles are often built for recreational use, with steel frames that rust, hazardous speeds of up to 50 mph and suspension systems designed for hustle, not for carrying loads.


Carryall two-wheel drive work utility vehicles solve those problems with:


Rustproof Aluminum Frames. The frames withstand water, chemicals and salt found on resorts, campuses and other sites, yet their exclusive I-beam design lets them resist impact better than steel frames.


Suspension Systems Engineered to Carry Loads. That means more cargo, fewer round trips, less wasted time.


Safe Maximum Speeds of 25 mph or Less.


Best-in-Class Electric Models. Smart onboard chargers and reel retractors issue alerts to prevent common user errors and let you charge at any 110-volt outlet. Most electric models feature 500-amp controllers that carry or tow more weight than competitive vehicles with 350- or 400-amp controllers.


Gasoline Vehicles with Unsurpassed Power and Fuel Efficiency. Our single-cylinder overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection improve power, torque and hill-climbing ability, yet use much less fuel than competitive vehicle.

Carryall 100

Carryall 300

Carryall 500

Ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle, the Carryall 100 provides great value for the price.

Strength and durability are the hallmarks of the Carryall 300, the most economical vehicle in its class.

Haul bigger loads with the Carryall 500, featuring an expanded bed and a 1,500-pound combined gross vehicle capacity.

Carryall 550

Carryall 700

Carryall 1500 2WD

Conquer difficult terrain with the Carryall 550, featuring the most ground clearance in its class with legendary reliability.

Equipped with a cab and a custom van box, the Carryall 700 is an economical alternative to a van or pickup.

Features an optional 1,500 pound bed capacity while riding tires made for the road or the turf.

Utility 4x4 Vehicles.



Many four-wheel drive utility vehicles can’t take the heat on construction and industrial sites, and have dangerous speeds of up to 50 mph. Their manual four-wheel drive systems can have drivers stuck before they even know there’s a problem. Their steel frames rust. And many of the vehicles have poorly-designed air intakes that can cause clogging and possibly early engine failure.


Carryall four-wheel drive 4x4 utility vehicles solve these problems with:


Ease of Operation. Our IntelliTrak™ automatic four-wheel drive system senses the ground it’s on and shifts as needed. That means drivers don’t have to anticipate trouble, then fumble with levers and buttons.


Unsurpassed Durability. Our rustproof, corrosion-resistant aircraft grade aluminum frames stop rust in its tracks, yet are engineered to resist impact better than steel frames. And our suspensions systems are built to carrying heavy loads, not to accommodate high speeds. After all, Carryall 4x4 work vehicles max out at less than 25 mph (40 kph). No hot rodding.


Clean Air Intake and CVT Covers. Unlike most competitive vehicles with air intake systems that sit low to the ground on the rear of the vehicle, Carryall work utility vehicles pull air into the engine though chassis tubes 29 inches (74 cm) above the ground on the front of the vehicle, where much less dust is generated. CVT covers keep the clutches clean.


Carryall 1500 4WD

Carryall 1700

Carryall 1500 Intellitach

An all-around, high-performance machine, featuring our exclusive IntelliTrak™ four-wheel-drive system.

Get additional seating without sacrificing cargo capacity with the original, full-size work-crew vehicle.

The most versatile utility vehicle on the market with our hydrualic quick-attachment system.

Street Legal.

These quiet, zero-emissions electric vehicles cost pennies a day to operate, but do the work of a small truck. They’re also purpose-built for work on rustproof, corrosion-resistant, aircraft-grade aluminum frames that stand right up to the water, salt and chemicals often used on resorts and campuses.


Forty-eight volt battery packs and 400-amp solid-state controllers deliver a total vehicle capacity of up to 1,050 lbs. (476 kg), making Carryall LSVs great for work on colleges, resorts, government sites and other operations.


They also accommodate our VersAttach™ bed-based attachment system with optional tool holders, bed dividers and cargo tie downs. The system increases versatility, frees bed space and reduces round trips.


For something for transport, try our Villager LSVs, built with an emphasis on a smooth ride and premium comfort with speeds up to 24 mph. They're perfect for campus or realtor tours, auto dealerships, and much more.





Truck-like performance coupled with the economy and versatility only a street-legal electric vehicle can deliver.

Need more capacity? Add a six-foot long bed to and you have a heavy-duty work vehicle that can travel nearly anywhere.

Expand your area of operations, lower energy and maintenance expenses, and eliminate carbon emissions – all at once.


Affordable and efficient, with a rear-facing back seat that folds into a cargo bed for extended application.

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